Program List

These programs have been developed over the years to allow the development of various essential items in an attempt to maximise results of practical equipment under construction. Click the title for more information and a download link.


The LOOPQUAD was initially developed in 1973 with refinements over a number of years. I have not found any theoretical coverage of this form of coupled element that permits further analysis. All the development has been impirical at around 1.3GHz. Many YAGI designs have been scaled and modelled to permit performance comparison also in this same frequency region. The use of this program is self explanetry. There is no reason to limit the number of elements in your design as the required length can be selected to fit your desired boom length. The element sizes required are tapered in groups. I have determined that there is very little to be gained by finer graduation. The boom length can be as long as needed. Practical handling is the normal limitation. I have made very long designs and always found that divided into two parts there is always a 3dB loss of gain relative to the full design. The reverse does not hold true. there is always a little less than 3dB if doubled! The Broadband feed assemby is based on a Log-periodic design and I call it the LOOPERIODIC. It should perform in a similar fashion to a BP filter. It matches and feeds the director element array over a much wider bandwidth when correct. The upper frequency is limited by the directors begining to have refelecting properties. The lower frequency is limit is when the forward slow wave cannot be maintained and enhanced by the directors.

Slotted Wave Guide Antenna Array

This program was written to assist in the designing of multiple slot antenna arrays in Waveguide.


This program was written to assist the designing of a variety of filters over a wide range of frequencies. The realisation physically is dependent on the actual frequency and performance required.

Combline Design

This program allows the physical properties of a Combline Filter to be determined.

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